Monday, June 16, 2014

Hiked Bukit Tabur for a photoshoot session #throwback

It happened last year, during the election period. I hiked Bukit Tabur to capture some photos for my blogshop.

Its kinda sound crazy.... but IT WAS REALLY FUN ..
These are some of the best photos that I can share here: 

Credits to : Omaroza

p/s: I love mountaineering and jungle hiking. Love blogging as well - being minimalist & not too wordy in writing.. Will post more of my previous trips after this. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

My wedding at Dewan Dato Jamil Ahmad, Kem Perdana Sg. Besi

 Theme: Melayu tradisional red golden songket  ,              ...          for those military armed forces who would like to rent this hall, kindly proceed to Markas Medan to book and pay deposit to lock your date. don't forget to write a letter to Markas Military Police to inform them that you will receive 1000-2000 guest on the date of the event as your guests do not have to drop their identity card in the guard post.

P/s: happily married!

With my Monash alumni friends.     

forever till jannah 
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