Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chemerong + Berembun + Langsir TRANS EXPEDITION

End June OF 2014, my hiking group Perompak Gunung organized this trip to Dungun, Terengganu.

The journey ascending to Mount Langsir was 12 hours of strenuous hike to the pinnacle.

We started from Hutan Lipur Chemerong Entrance and made our way up to 3 peaks within one day.

We were glad to witness the Highest Waterfall in Malaysia.. clear green rivers... untouched primary rainforest and beautiful Bonsai Garden near Berembun peak. Spectacular experience I have ever had!!
Enjoy the photos:

Air Terjun Lesung 

                                               Abandoned broken bridge in the forest

                                                               The majestic waterfall

                                                                 Bukit Taubat (Repent Hill) -taubat xnak naik da haha

                                                              Bonsai Garden

                                                            Our campsite


                                                                  Pitcher plant- dunno which species

On top Of Mount Langsir. Down there is the highest waterfall  free fall, 

p/s: Stay tuned!! I will

post more on my previous hiking trips!!

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