Thursday, September 4, 2014

Surah-surah for pregnant women


I am a pregnant mom now and my father in law had advised me to read Surah Yusuf, Maryam, Luqman and Muhammad every single day (whole surah each of them). In addition, I can supplement Surah Yassin, Kahfi, Taubah, Mulk, Sajadah, Al-fatihah 70x and other beneficial surahs and zikir as my regime. 

Different and various information regarding which surah can be read during pregnancy can be found on the net however I do not prefer to learn Islam from the Internet (unless clear fatwa by a trusted Islamic bodies or from an ustaz or ustazah himself wrote them).  The best way to ask those questions is through a real and multiple ustaz or ustazah through meeting/trusted online conversation,  not from virtual and imaginary ustaz internet as anybody can claim he/she is an Islamic teacher. Normally, I consult my father in law as he is an ustaz and Imam of a mosque. 

Seriously, our dependency towards knowledge on the web sometimes had reached extreme ridiculousness. Muslims forgot to reach the Quran and Hadis as one of the knowledge source. Even though not all info can be acquired from Quran and Hadis, we cannot simply believe 100 %  on whats on the net, unless they quote the articles accordingly from the Quran and Hadis and other references.  

p/s: Be careful sisters and brothers in surfing and browsing the net. Be wise and refer many articles before you conclude something and share it to others. 

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