Friday, February 26, 2016

Dorra slimming call

Hi, I wanted to tell you an experience where I have been called by Dorra Slimming center.
They got my no. from a survery site where I used to do online/phone surveys to get free vouchers. They said the free voucher entitle a complimentary slimming package as it is 100% FREE.
They allocated an appointment for me at Midvalley outlet. Luckily, I made researches about the reviews and cancelled promptly my appt. I knew and realized that they gonna hard sell during the consultation. So I had prepared myself to be pekak badak and heartless towards the explanation and whatever promotion they gonna push me to buy.

Fortunately, I declined the offer and call them up to cancel the appt. They promised to call in the near future for follow up. So i will mark their number and just IGNORE!!!

I was thinking the nearly 10k package with rm500 deposit will automatically make me slim just thinking about where to fork out the money even without undergoing the treatment yet. haha

Just beware with all these scams and hard sell. Do not ever fall to their sweet talks!

p/s: I rather dieting and do exercise than die sakit hati dengan hutang... membazir je

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Our 1st Son

Assalammualaikum readers & stalkers!!! 

Alhamdulilah.. lama sangat menyepi. ni video permata hati kami yang pertama. Nama dia baby U..
Lahir pada 21 April 2015. Br skang nk update hihi.
Baby U da 9 bulan da.. sgt aktif dan mencuit hati kami
Berlesung pipit seperti ayahnya, muka exactly ikut mommy :P hihi  

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